David K. Harding, Friend to History, Rocket Scientist

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By Christopher Lotito

Well, Rocket Scientist might be a creative description of Harding's work as an Aerospace Engineer, yet it seems fitting for someone who remained passionate about that topic and so many others for at least as long as I knew him.

I didn't know David well, but we had spoken on a number of occasions and I was surprised and saddened to hear of his passing.  He had attended a few of my presentations at the Pequannock Public Library, one of his favorite hangouts, and hung around afterwards to discuss Reaction Motors, his own experiences, and whatever historical topic struck his fancy at the moment.

Though he had only been in Pequannock for 7 years, David was a fixture, and a welcome one, at Historic District Commission events, at the Library, and the numerous other places you tended to run into him.  ...and, well, he was a well-dressed guy in a time where that can be a scarce commodity.

David was also the holder of 5 patents and inventor of a warhead delivery system, a lightbeam amplifier, a jungle fighter aircraft conversion kit, and a cargo submarine through his company Harding Enterprises Engineering Services LLC.

David's obituary fails to shed additional light on the quirky business cards that he was know for handing out, but it does point out that he was a Past Master of the Masons' Fidelity Lodge in Ridgewood NJ, a fact I learned firsthand in a somewhat comical social foie pas when I failed the traditional Masonic greeting while inadvertently wearing a Masonic tie-pin at an event.  Since all stories in some way end up in Pequannock, it may come as no surprise that this tie-pin was bought at the Wayside Shop, where I had simply thought it was a nice antique tie-pin.

There's not too much else I can say about David.  His obituary is here http://www.obitsforlife.com/obituary/708348/Harding-David.php and even if I hadn't read it there, I would already have guessed, in lieu of flowers donations can be made in David's name to the Pequannock Public Library or his church, Cedar Cliff United Methodist Church of Haledon.

Rest in Peace David!

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