PSA: Places that Cats Hide / Where is My Cat?

English: This is Fred, and he is inside our co...
English: This is Fred, and he is inside our couch. Of course, he created the hole in the first place. He's a naughty cat who likes to scrounge for our food, kills birds in the backyard, and terrorize the other cats. He's adopted from the Humane Society, and his alley cat ways still show. He's one of those cats who still, past kitten age, like to fight with you in the morning. I hide around corners and try to scare him. We have a new couch. We still have Fred. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Christopher Lotito

Where is my cat?

Places that cats hide.

Places to look for your cat.

  1. It's outside, the cat is outside, no one knows how it got there, but there it is.  It is outside of your house.
  2. Ok, it's crawled up inside a chair.
  3. Asleep in a towel or maybe a paper bag.
  4. Behind the couch.
  5. Under the dresser, I know there's no room there, but somehow it squeezed in.
  6. Behind the fridge, yeah, I wouldn't hang out there either, but it's a cat.
  7. In the recycling bin.
  8. Behind the radiator.
  9. Behind the couch.
  10. In the washer (who knows why?).
  11. Between the couch cushions (really).
  12. Inside a cabinet, yeah, I know they don't have thumbs.
  13. In the dryer.
  14. Under the fridge (probably eating crumbs),
  15. BETWEEN the shower curtain and the shower liner.
  16. Behind a houseplant.
  17. Under a rug (it's like a blanket for your entire room).
  18. Way up inside of stuff.
  19. To the left or right of the mechanism inside the front of a Lazy Boy.
  20. Outside, the cat is outside, did you check there?
  21. In the dryer vent.
  22. Stuck in your downstairs neighbor's kitchen ceiling meowing through a vent.
  23. Rolled up in the blankets on your bed, even though you just slept there.
  24. Wearing your clothes in the hamper.
  25. Perched in a ficus.
  26. INSIDE the fridge.
  27. In, under, or behind a drawer, having squeezed in there around another drawer.
  28. Physically hanging off the back of a curtain.
  29. Asleep on top of electronics, like a VCR, because it's hot or maybe cats like vintage tech too.
  30. Inside the trash can.
  31. Inside your briefcase.
  32. In a sleeve of your coat in the closet.
  33. In your backpack, waiting to jump out.
  34. Chewing on the inside of a reusable shopping bag.
  35. The cat is outside, I don't know how it got there, but it is.
  36. It's on the balcony, probably up inside the grill underneath the plastic cover.
  37. Asleep in your motorcycle helmet.
  38. Living with your neighbors that you don't talk to because they gave it food and have a shiny keychain.
  39. At a shelter because it didn't have a collar or a microchip.
  40. Inside the wall, yeah I don't know either.
  41. Inside the wall having descended from the attic where the joists are exposed.
  42. Inside the ceiling having crawled up through that closet that doesn't have drywall.
  43. Inside the wall, having climbed in through exposed joists in the basement.
  44. Asleep between the furnace and the wall.
  45. Under your car cover in the garage.
  46. Asleep under the hood of your car where it's warm.
  47. Outside, the cat got out.
  48. That place that you thought it couldn't get to / into.
  49. The oven?  Really?

Microchip your cats, it's cheap.
Put a collar and tags on your outdoor cat.
Just about every third houseplant is incredibly poisonous to cats, so check them out online.

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Christopher Lotito is a member of the Pequannock Historic District, Open Space, and Flood Control Advisory Commissions as well as the author of  "Torrent," a book about flooding in the region.  Lotito's personal mission is to reduce new taxes, drastically reduce flooding, and preserve more green spaces for our children.  Christopher Lotito Profile
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