Pequannock's PV Park: A Little Oasis

By Christopher Lotito

In 2012, PV Park's water quality has been greatly
Pequannock's PV Park has quickly become a charming oasis in the Summer heat.  Despite past complaints of water quality, the 2012 PV Park is much changed from the lake many remember from 2010 or even 2011.  On Saturday May 28th, I accompanied Mayor Phelan and Councilwoman Winterfield on a fact finding mission of the vacation variety to see what the true effects of months of planning, tweaking, and post-Irene repairs had created.

Mayor Phelan & Councilwoman
Winterfield take a break from
their bike trek to inspect
PV Park.
What we found were clean sand, well manicured foliage, and blessedly clear lake-water with high visibility.  Trees to the rear of the park as well as oversized umbrella shelters provide ample shade, though many will want their own umbrella so that they can spread out.  As always, an added benefit of a gated pay park is that the children can roam safely and as of this year, in a smoke free environment.

PV Park needs to make money this year in order to reduce costs to subscribers, there is no doubt about that, but the costs are quite reasonable as it stands.  For $100, one resident gets a pass which also allows them to bring guests for just $5 a day rather than $9.  At that rate, the pass pays for itself for a single person in about 11 visit.  $160 for a 2 personal pass means the pass pays for itself in about 9 visits.  Of course, these numbers can get even better if you have children or relatives in the area and wish to take advantage of the guest rate for birthday events and other celebrations.
Picturesque as always, PV Park is filled with generations of
Pequannock memories.

Discussions have been underway recently to increase the profitability of the park through concessions and other options.  Now that the water quality issues have been well addressed, it seems this may be the year for PV Park to make a come back.

For more information and to get your pass:

Christopher Lotito is a member of the Pequannock Historic District, Open Space, and Flood Control Advisory Commissions as well as the author of  "Torrent," a book about flooding in the region.  Lotito's personal mission is to reduce new taxes, drastically reduce flooding, and preserve more green spaces for our children.  Christopher Lotito Profile

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