Hurricane Irene Weather Update

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Don't worry, this is a different "Irene," your cows are safe.

As of August 26, 2011; 9:00 PM

A Hurricane Warning has been issued for our area.  This indicates that Hurricane conditions are expected within the next 36 hours.  While Irene never did strengthen beyond a category 2, she remains a large and powerful storm.  Our weather will begin to feel the impact on Saturday as some of the outer rain bands begin to move in.  The worst of the storm, including high winds and torrential rain, will occur during the early morning hours of Sunday - likely between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM.  Rains will continue into Sunday.  At this time, all residents should have emergency plans in place and emergency kits should be stocked and ready.  Emergency Plans should include where you will go if you are told to evacuate or if your home becomes damaged.

Power outages should be expected as a result of strong winds.  Regular communication networks may also become unreliable as a result of power outages, downed lines and heavy call volume.  Electric charges from downed power lines can travel significant distances on wet and flooded surfaces - Never approach a downed power line!  As a result of the added hazard of electric lines that me be in contact with flood waters, it is extremely important that residents evacuate when told to do so.  Be sure to secure items such as garbage cans, patio furniture and lawn decorations or move them indoors.

Heavy rains can cause Stream and Road Flooding.  Current rainfall predictions for our area indicate a possibility of 6 to 10 inches of rain.  Generally speaking, rainfall totals in excess of 4 inches will cause moderate flooding and affect the Township's most flood prone areas.  Rain in excess of 6 inches will result in major flooding though out the Township.  Ten inches of rain will produce record flooding.  Monitor rain totals and forecasts very closely.  We wish to thank the Governor for opening the Pompton Lake Flood Gates at 2:00 PM this afternoon.  As a result the sudden, rapid rises in river levels that have occurred during recent floods should be avoided and we will be able predict river levels and timing more accurately.

All residents living within the flood plain should begin raising items from their first floor to higher areas.  A group of volunteers organized through the First Reformed Church will provide assistance to residents who need help moving belongings.  Residents who require assistance should contact Chad at (973) 617-7967.  Make plans now to assist friends and neighbors who may experience damage to their homes during the storm.  Check on elderly and disabled neighbors and provide assistance in preparation.  All Township residents should monitor weather forecasts and remain alert to hazardous conditions in your neighborhood.

The next Weather Advisory Statement will be issued at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning.

Earlier today the governor DID order the opening of the Pompton Lake Flood Gates.  You will see a spike on the hydrgraph.  See the following link

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