How to Opt Out of Online Advertising (cookies)

Third party HTTP cookiesImage via WikipediaFrom time to time, in addition to local / regional news, I may post a short set of instructions on how to do something worthwhile.  Enjoy!

Cookies are (in addition to the baked good) a tiny piece of software, installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent by nearly every website you visit, which enables that website to track your movements online.  Tracking Cookies can track browsing history, links clicked, times that pages are viewed, etc.  If several sites (or several 1000 in many cases) use the same tracking network, think how they could build a clear picture of your online activities!

You can Opt Out of these Cookies.  The process is simple, should be completed once a month, and is achieved by following the directions at these URLs (this should take less than 15 minutes total and usually only involves clicking a link or button):


There are many other Cookie Opt Out sites, this is not a complete list, and some websites have no concern for your privacy and will never Opt you Out, but this is an excellent start and covers perhaps even a majority of the Cookies you'll encounter.

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