FCAC Announcement: 2pm Weather Advisory

As of August 27, 2011; 2:00 PM

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for our area.  Tropical Storm conditions are expected late tonight into early Sunday.  While Irene has begun to weaken, she remains a large and powerful storm.  Our weather is already under the influence of Irene and steadier rain will begin take hold later this afternoon.  The worst of the storm, including high winds and torrential rain, will occur during the early morning hours of Sunday - likely between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM.  Rains will continue into Sunday.  Emergency Plans should include where you will go if you are told to evacuate or if your home becomes damaged.

Power outages should be expected as a result of strong winds.  Regular communication networks may also become unreliable as a result of power outages, downed lines and heavy call volume.  Do not drive through flooded roadways - cars can be carried away in as little as 8 inches of moving water.  As a result of the added hazard of electric lines that me be in contact with flood waters, it is extremely important that residents evacuate when told to do so.  Be sure to secure items such as garbage cans, patio furniture and lawn decorations or move them indoors.

Rainfall predictions for our area continue to vary significantly, however 6 to 10 inches are possible.  Generally speaking, rainfall totals in excess of 6 inches will result in major flooding though out the Township.  Ten inches of rain would produce record flooding.  Monitor rain totals and forecasts very closely.  The National Weather Service has issued a projection for the Pompton River at Jackson Avenue that indicates the river will begin to rise late tonight and reach action stage (13.0') on Sunday Morning.  Our experience has been that their predictions are low in the early stages of a storm.  We expect the river to begin rising this evening and reach action stage late tonight.  Resident of the most flood plain areas of the Township should strongly consider leaving this afternoon.  We anticipate making the first evacuation announcements early this evening.

All residents living within the flood plain should raise items from their first floor to higher areas.  A group of volunteers organized through the First Reformed Church will provide assistance to residents who need help moving belongings.  Residents who require assistance should contact Chad at (973) 617-7967.  Make plans now to assist friends and neighbors who may experience damage to their homes during the storm.  Check on elderly and disabled neighbors and provide assistance in preparation.  All Township residents should monitor weather forecasts and remain alert to rapidly changing conditions in your area.

The next Weather Advisory Statement will be issued at 8:00 PM this evening.

Please also be advised:
The Township's Animal Shelter is now open, for Pequannock Township Residents ONLY.

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