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Scenes from an American Street Fair

New Jersey moves fast.  When someone asks you to get back to them with results, whether it's for work, volunteering, or the snack schedule for your kid's soccer team, they mean "tomorrow" not "sometime next week."  This is especially true in the Northeast, near the city, where traffic is congested and everyone seems to be on their way to their next appointment, even if they're only 8.  Get out of New Jersey and you'll find this changes pretty quickly.  Just across the border in Pennsylvania, people actually begin to understand that things like torrential rain or snow can cause traffic delays.  Down in the Southern states or out towards the Midwest, this sort of preference to the slow and methodical over the frenetic is even more pronounced.  North Jersey does have its slower spots though and those in turn even have a few slower days per year.  As a bedroom community with more schools than many of its neighbors, Pequannock would never be mistaken fo…

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